A Series of Unfortunate Events

Concept: You’re on a cliff edge, screaming really loudly in an attempt to liberate yourself from all of the newfound unhappiness that a recent event has instilled upon your life - except, you wake up from that dream to vividly imagine that there’s a miniature version of yourself making a relentless and disconcerting racket in … Continue reading A Series of Unfortunate Events

Let’s Be Honest

It’s been a little while since I sat down at my keyboard and I must say, I feel rather disappointed. I was raring to go in the beginning, I couldn’t wait to create a sounding board for this journey, tackling the trials and tribulations of cancer as they happened, maybe even finding some other cancer … Continue reading Let’s Be Honest

“It’s definitely NOT cancer”

I check my boobs regularly. It’s easy, takes no time at all, and once you’ve had a good feel you can carry on with the rest of your day as usual, then check back in again with your cushiony pals in another month or so. Simple. On the 15th December last year, whilst making the … Continue reading “It’s definitely NOT cancer”

A Little Big Background

I’ve spent hours quietly wondering how to begin this written journey. I’ve played my opening paragraph over and over in my head, always feeling as though it’s not good enough, scribbling it out from my imagination and starting again. Should I dramatically dive into the tale like the beginning of some tragic World War I … Continue reading A Little Big Background